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Dino Directory
Everything you want to know about dinosaurs!

National Wildlife Federation
Lots of wildlife related information and activities.

Books and Authors

Dr. Seuss's Seussville!
The home page for everyone's favorite cat in the hat!

Peter Rabbit Web Site
This site features stories about the various characters, lots of illustrations from the books, and other links related to the works of Beatrix Potter.  Great fun.

The Online Adventures of Captain Underpants!
Action! Laffs! Romance! Epic Novels!

The 39 Clues
The Cahills are the most powerful family the world has ever known. 39 clues hidden around the globe guard the family's power, and it's up to YOU to find them.

Storyline Online
Watch and listen to actors reading picture books. Each story includes activities and lessons.

Fun & Games

All My Faves
Links to the most popular websites for kids.
FunBrain has about 30 fun and educational games for kids in kindergarten through grade 8.  Each one combines educational content with fun-to-play games.  The games are divided by subject area:  math, grammar, science, spelling, history, and logic.  These games are a lot of fun to play.

PBS for Kids
A fantastic site!  Spend some time with characters from your PBS shows, like Thomas the Tank and Sesame Street.

Sesame Street
Join Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Oscar and the rest of the gang!


Bill Nye the Science Guy
Wacky Bill Nye hosts this fun and informative web site about science.

Discovery Channel
A good site for older children and young adults who are interested in science or current events.

How Stuff Works
How Stuff Works is the place to go to learn about how things work in the world around you.  Have you ever wondered how the engine in your car works or what makes the inside of your refrigerator cold?  Hundreds of articles, with new topics added each week.

Test Your Geography Knowledge
This interactive quiz tests your knowledge of where the states are on an outline map of the United States.
There are also quizzes for Canadian provinces and European countries.

...And don't forget to check out Moorestown Library's links to online research, too!

Sites for Searching the Web

The Internet Public Library
A great set of public library resources online, geared to kids.

A subject guide to the internet designed for kids.  You can search subjects by letter or category.  Also included are grade and reading levels for each site.

For Parents

Online gaming tips
Learn all about the kinds of games your kids are playing online and how to keep them (and your computer) safe.

NJ Parent Link
The State of New Jersey's Web-based Early Childhood, Parenting and Professional Resource Center.